Langkawi Geopark Mangrove Tour

Langkawi Geopark Mangrove Tour
Jan 06, 2020

Exclusive way to Geopark Sightseeing Experience
Langkawi Geopark Mangrove Tour
 6 January 2020

Do you wondering where to go and what to do make the most of your sustainable Langkawi Geopark Experience?

Kilim Geoforest Park is definitely the place which will provide you unique sightseeing experience on geological heritage in Langkawi. It is one of conservative areas in Langkawi (out of three) with World Geopark status by UNESCO as proudly listed in the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) Website. The other two are the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park and the Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park.

As a part of UNESCO Network of Global Geopark, this 100 square kms of forest is a natural reserve with an ancient geological heritage, countless natural wonders, home to a myriad of flora and fauna. It is currently under the management of the Cooperative of Kilim Village Community Langkawi Limited. With the practice of unique ecotourism, Kilim Geopark Forest also added values to both Edutourism and Geotourism.

The main way to explore this stunning and amazing Geoforest Park is by hopping on a boat ride, kayaking or Jetski Tour in the Kilim River. Such tours are offered by the most of the local travel operators and represent a great introduction to the complex ecosystem of the Kilim Geopark Forest.

Generally, Mangrove Tours are departed from the Kilim Jetty which located at the north eastern of Langkawi. The price range will be fluctuated depends on the durations of the tours and the number of spots visited.

The Mangrove Tours are usually departed from the Kilim Jetty.

Following are the spots you may visited during a Mangrove Tour.

Bat Cave

The Cave was named due to a great variety of bat families hanging inside the cave .Upon your arrival of the Bat Cave (also known as Gua Kelawar), you will notice that there is a wooden footbridge that runs throughout the entire Bat Cave. The Bat Cave Island actually consisted of two caves - the larger cave with approximately 750 square meters and the smaller cave with only about 270 square meters.

Various kind of magnificent limestones formations can be found along the way insides the bat cave. They have drip through the cave roofs and onto the floors. Such incredible natural formations were created slowly over a million of years by dissolution of acid groundwater or underground river.

Stunning limestone formations inside the bat cave.

The wooden bridge that run throughout the entire Bat Cave.

Gender Reminders:

  • Keep silence and not to point the flashlight directly to the bat.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the cave.

Floating Fish Farm

Floating Fish farm is considered as a standard stop during the Kilim Mangrove Tours. It consists of about 40 sea cages submerged with nets that kept different type of fishes. Usually, the local guide will show you the way in feeding the giant black stingrays and even allow you to hand-feed them with some small fishes. You can also observe marine creatures like arches fishes, Groupers, and Horseshoe crab during the visit to floating fish farm.

The Floating Fish Farm

Black Stingrays' Hand-feeding session.

A closer look on pufferfish.

Gender Reminders:

  • The walkways on the floating fish farm is pretty narrow with no rails. Kindly make sure you keep an eye on the children during the visit.

Eagle Watching & Feeding

As the name of suggested, eagle is the symbolic of Langkawi island as its name derives from the Malay words ‘Helang’ for eagle. Thousands of eagles can be found on the island with the most conspicuous of which are the White-bellied Fish Eagle Haliaeetus Leucogaster and the Brahminy Kite Haliastur indus. During the eagle watching and feeding session, the boatman will shut down the engine to eliminate the noise and start throwing the chicken meats into the water. Subsequently, you are able to get a sight of eagle soaring high up in the sky and swoop down chicken meats with great accuracy to catch its meal for the day. 

Eagle watching and feeding session.


Mangrove River Cruise

Throughout the venture along the Kilim River, well-protected flourishing mangrove forest can be observed on both sides of river banks. Those mangrove forests are incredible important for ecosystem. They act as a costal defense to stabilize shorelines by slowing erosion and provide natural barrier protecting coastal communities from damaging storm, waves and flood. Apart from that, mangrove forests also maintain the quality and clarity of water, filter the pollutants and trap sediments originating from land. It is a great way for visitors to understand and embrace the natural wisdom.

Wildlife is also abundant here. Outstanding flora and fauna including monitor lizards, Mudskippers, fiddler crabs as well as plenty of monkeys are found all over the mangrove swamps. Not to mention, these monkeys are excellent swimmers and are known to travel across very deep areas to find food or to escape approaching dangers. 

The Kilim River.

Wild monkeys that inhabits the surrounding mangroves in troops.


Kilim Geopark Observatory

As stated above, Langkawi’s Kilim Geoforest Park is one of the three conservative areas in Langkawi that contribute to the island’s UNESCO status. During this session, your eyes will feast on the gorgeous spectacular view of unique landscape of pinnacles, cliffs, caves and hills as well as the rich biotopes of the mudflats and the mangrove eco-systems. Of course, the boatman will also bring you to the signature Kilim Geoforest Park landmark that was proudly installed on the cliff after the declaration of Global Geopark Status. Here you can grab your camera or phone and take some awesome pictures for your Instagram check-in.

The Kilim Geoforest Park sign that has installed on the cliff.

The entire Kilim Geoforest Park's landscape.


Crocodile Cave

The Crocodile Cave is so named because there is a curve erosion in the limestone shaped like a crocodile. However, some believed that this cave once to be a natural habitat of crocodiles, and hence the names. Regardless the origin of the name, there is no crocodile can be found inside the cave now, everywhere there was only bat droppings. With that being said, it is safe explore the cave. Do remind that the cave will immerse underwater during high tide. It is advisable to visit here during low-tide else you will find nothing here but limestone and mangrove.

The boat can only pass through the Crocodile Cave during low-tide.

The Crocodile Cave.

Fish Feeding at Dangli Island

Featuring crystal blue clear water and beautiful coral fishes, Dangli Island is one of the spot you might visit during a Mangrove Tour. Although the water here is so clear that it looks deceptively shallow, it is actually much deeper than you think! Therefore, the entire sightseeing and fish feeding activities are carry out from comfort of the boat deck.

The little boy was feeding the coral fishes with his own bread.

The stunning coral fishes at Dangli Island.

Gender Reminder:

  • Visitors are required to bring their own bread for fish feeding session as the boatman would not provide any fish food.


Andaman Sea

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 12-41-45 PM
The locatino of Andaman Sea shown on the Google Map.

As stated in the map above, Andaman Sea is a marginal sea of the eastern Indian Ocean separated from the Bay of Bengel by the Andaman Islands of India and the Nicobar Islands. It comes into the view while exiting the Kilim River through a narrow opening named The Hole in the Wall.

While cruising along on boat on the ocean’s surface, you are going to feel the wind in your hair as you zoom around and immerse yourself in the nature-beauty of Andaman sea. The boatman will subsequently show you some strange-looking island such as Gorilla Mountain and Shoe Island (“Pulau Kasut”).

The narrow opening names "The Hole in the Wall".

The Andaman Sea.

White Sand Beach

For packages with a duration of 3 hours and above, the boatman may bring you to a desert island comprised of pristine white sand beach and crystal-clear water. Visitors are given approximately an hour on the island to rest and swim. Don't forget to bring your own towel to wrap yourself after a swim as the wet cloths and wind will make everything very cold on a speedboat.

Desert Island which allow you to rest and swim privately.

The little boy and white sand beach.

>> Last but not least, there is a chance you may spot a dolphin during a mangrove tour only if you’re lucky ;)

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Important notice:
Feeding wild animals does more harm than good, no matter on purpose or not. Animals accustomed to people will lose their fear of people and become aggressive. Meanwhile, human food may not be good for eagle’s health as wild animals often have specialized diet. Visitors who are sensitive with the animal feeding issues are encourages to take the tour organized by local Eco-travel company instead.





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