Transportation Guide in Langkawi

Transportation Guide in Langkawi
Feb 16, 2020

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Transportation Guide in Langkawi
16 February 2020


Although more than half of Malaysian think that Langkawi is a small island which is underdeveloped, but it is actually bigger than its neighboring island Penang by the point of view of the land surface. (Langkawi more or less 478 square kilometers, Penang Island more or less 293 square kilometers.)

It is not easier for you to travel from one attraction to another in Langkawi without any road transport as they are located a little far with respect to each other. Therefore, we have gather some transportation information for you to get around in Langkawi.

1.Rent a car

Photo from xqholidays: Car rental service in Langkawi.

Due to the fact that there is no public transportation available in Langkawi, most people find out that renting a car is easier and more convenient for them getting around. It is the preferred method for transportation in Langkawi as you can go from door to door without suffering from the scotching sun in the element of waiting.

There are many car rental services available in Langkawi and the price range can be varied depends on the operators, the type of vehicles and the season. Typically, the daily cost of car rental will be relatively expensive during peak season and therefore it is advisable to book your car in 3 months advance to ensure the car availability and affordability.

Table below show the estimated priced ranges of 5-seater and 14-seaters cars during low and peak season:

Ringgit (RM) Low Season  Peak Season
5-seaters 60 170
14-seaters 170 320

*Prices listed above are just rough estimation.

If you prefer on-site car rental, there are plenty local and international car rental companies look forward to serving you at it car hire Booth located at Jetty Point Langkawi and Langkawi International Airport(LIA). 

You can contact our assistances for more info or visit our website:

Here are some recommended navigation Apps for people who rent a car in Langkawi:

google apps   share-image-1024x1024 

Gender Reminder:

1. Make sure whether there is any pre-existing damage to the car before you sign on the car rental agreement. Else you may charge for the damages cost If any damage is found when you return the car. You can take some photo in case the damage is later disputed.

2.For foreigner traveler, kindly remember to keep left to the left wherever you are driving as driving in Malaysia is done on the left side of road.

2.E-hailing Ride Application

Photo taken from online: E-hailing ride application.

For travelers who are visiting Langkawi for the first-time, e-hailing applications is another great option which allow you to call any form of transportation in order to transfer from one point to another. It is a cheaper, convenient and efficient alternative to conventional taxi driver. As long as you have a smart phone with internet connection, you will have no problem in travelling in Langkawi.

One of the best things about this option is the fact that you can obtain your estimated fare upfront before you even commit to a booking and therefore save your time from taxi-rate negotiations. You can also track your driver’s GPS Route easily in order to make sure that you are getting to the right destination as quickly as possible.However, it is quite hard for you to grab a car if your flight arrived at the midnight as there is only limited number of grab drivers who doing night shift in Langkawi. For this case, it is advised to take a taxi at the airport service counter.

E-hailing applications available in Langkawi:

246x0w  grab 

3.DRIVE your own car to Langkawi

Photo taken from online: Car Cruising to Langkawi.

Well, this option has actually gone viral among Malaysian in recent years as it is much savvier than renting a car.

For visitors who are interested on this option, you are required to travel all the way to the jetty port located at Kuala Perlis as it is the only departure point which provide car cruising services to Langkawi. There are two car ferry companies available at this jetty port: Langkawi Roro and Langkawi Auto Express.

Usually, there is only one or two sailings per day from each car ferry company and, the departure times and frequency will be fluctuated depending on the tide and seasonal demand.

The car cruising fare will be varying based on the vehicle type and the amount of passenger.
Following are some of the online booking fare obtained from Langkawi Roro (Updated on 16 Feb 2020):

Vehicle Type Fare

Car Below 1500cc


Car Below 2000cc


Car Below 3000cc


Car 3000cc and Above



Price stated above included ONE driver headcount fare. For the case where the travelling passengers are two or above, passenger tickets are required to purchase separately at the counter/website.

Following are the passenger’s fare obtained from Langkawi RoRo (Updated on 16 Feb 2020):

Passenger Type



RM  0.00






RM  6.00



For more info about the online booking fare, kindly visit the following website:
Langkawi RoRo :

Langkawi Auto Express:

Gender Reminder:

For long trips that last only a few days (ie. 4 Days 3 Nights or less), it's often cheaper to rent a car than to drive one you own.
Apart from that, this option is not suggested for visitor who are departing from Kuala Lumpur or any state located at the south of Malay Peninsular, as they may feel exhausted with a journey more than 8 hours or above ( including the car cruising duration).


Photo taken from online: Langkawi Taxi.

Perhaps, the main form of transportation in Langkawi is the Conventional Taxi Services. It is one of the easiest transportation options because they are available almost everywhere on the island – from Jetty Point and Langkawi International Airport to every major attraction. You can easily flag down a taxi at places such as Chenang street and Tengah street.

However, conventional taxi service charges a relatively higher price compared to others. Do check the fare price with the taxi driver before you get in the cab.

Meanwhile, the capacity of the taxi will affect the fare price as well. For example, the fare price of 8-seater taxi can be double of the fare price of 4-seater taxi.

Find out more about the ONE-WAY taxi fares from the airport with the link below:


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