A shopaholic’s guide: Duty-Free Shopping in Langkawi

A shopaholic’s guide: Duty-Free Shopping in Langkawi
Jan 06, 2020

A Shopaholic's Guide
Duty-free Shopping in Langkawi
 6 January 2020

Apart from nature, wildlife and pristine beaches, Langkawi is considered as one of the famous tourist spot in Malaysia due to its duty-free status. In other words, Langkawi is undoubtly a shopper's paradise. However, with such a wide array of duty free shops in Langkawi, it should come no surprise that visitors will often find themselves very difficult in finding the best duty-free shop.

In order to help you make smarter choices when visiting Langkawi, we have filtered out a list of duty-free shops that have located at different areas of Langkawi.

Here look at the some of the best places for tax-free shopping in Langkawi!


Pantai Chenang

Pantai Chenang is the most popular beach town on Langkawi Island, where you can find various kind of restaurants, tourist spot as well as duty free shops. Having said that, if you do not want to travel all the way to Kuah Town by taking a grab or driving by your own, there are plenty choices at Pantai Chenang for you to do tax-free shopping.

Coco Valley 

If you are going to visit the Largest Aquarium in Malaysia - Underwater World Langkawi, then it is very convenient for you to buy some tax-free goods from the Coco Valley, which is just the next door of the Aquarium.

As the names suggested, Coco Valley provide a diversified range of cocoa products which could made it a chocolate-lover's paradise. Meanwhile, home necessity such as kitchen appliance can also be found inside the store.

Visitors who live at Kuah town can save their time from travelling to Pantai Chenang as there is another branch of Coco Valley located at the Kuah Town.

P1010318 (1)
Coco Valley.

P1010337 (1)
Kitchenware at Coco Valley

Opening Hours: Opens everyday from 10am to 945pm
location             : Jalan Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah.

The Zon Shopping Paradise Langkawi

Similar to Coco Valley Sdn Bhd, The Zon Shopping Paradise Langkawi is located right beside the Underwater World Langkawi.

Although both of the duty-free shopping centre offers similar price range, there is more choices available in The Zon Shopping Paradise due to its massive building size. A wide variety of chocolates can be found in the outlet, as well as liquor, jewels, perfumes and leather goods.

During visitors’ tax-free shopping, they can comfortably park their car at the parking lots offered at a reasonable rate.

IMG_3274 (1) (1) (2) (1) 2
The Zon Paradise Langkawi.

P1010331 (1)
Chocolates Sales at The Zon Paradise

Opening Hours: Opens everyday from 10am to 9pm
location             : Jalan Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah.


Cenang Mall

It is a two-storey shopping mall complex, located at the middle of the Pantai Cenang Road, which offers eateries (such as SushiKing, KFC and OldTown) and stores along with a baby changing station and prayer room. Although it is less popular compared to other duty-free stores in the vicinity, but it is preferable for those who are dizzy with the scorching weather in Langkawi.

Visitors who found themselves not enough of cash for tax-free shopping can head to Cenang mall as there are plenty ATM machines provided for cash withdrawal. 

Visitors can even treat themselves a Starbucks coffee or a McDonald's Ice cream after a tiring schedule here!

P1010375 (1)
Cenang Mall Langkawi

Opening Hours: Open Everyday from 11am to 11pm
location             : Lot 2605, Cenang, Mukim, Jalan Pantai Chenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah


Warisan Duty Free

Warisan is a comparably new duty-free store compared to others and it is located besides the Adya Hotel, which takes a 2minutes walks from Cenang Mall. Nevertheless, It is also one of the duty-free stores which offers widest variety of tax-free goods such as swimwears, chocolate, cigarette as well as kitchen appliances and cooking utensils at the busiest beach town.

Indeed, visitors can get their children hooked on swimming with various kind of inflatable swimming floats from Warisan Duty Free. With these floaties, children can enjoy their beach times even more!

Warisan Duty Free.

P1010359 (1)
Swimming Equipments in Warisan Duty Free.

Opening Hours: Open Everyday from 1pm to 11pm
location             : Kampung Lubok Buaya, Jalan Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah


The main town of langkawi, Kuah, is located at the southeast corner of the island and is a good starting point for visitors who travel via ferry. It is also the main hub in the island for duty-free shopping.


Teow Soon Huat Duty Free

Teow Soon Huat Duty Free is the anchor tenants of the Langkawi Parade mall which located at the Kuah Town. The basement supermarket is often patronised by the local residents for its adequate choices and reasonable prices. Affordable household commodities, notable brands such as Converse,  Giordano, Vincci, etc, Pharmacy, and Spa can be found inside the Shopping Mall.

Apart from that, it is undeniable that movie-going culture is considered one of the favourite pastime of Malaysian, so thus local residents of Langkawi. Langkawi Parade mall is by far the favoritest mall for local residents as it houses the island only Cinema. 

Credit to Goholidaymalaysia
Photo credit to GoHoliday

Opening Hours: Open Everyday from 10am to 10pm
location             : a-14, pokok asam, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah



Billion Duty Free

Billion Duty Free can be found inside the Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, which is the largest shopping complex in Langkawi that offers the finest selection of tax-free goods, groceries shopping, restaurants and household appliances. The mall is easily accessible through major road and it is located at Persiaran Putra which takes a 3min drives from Eagle Square.

Featuring products from local to international brands, restaurant franchises include fast food (McDonald's and secret recipe) and fast casual (Papparich) as well as reflexology shops, barber shop and factory outlets, this mall has plenty to offer.

Not to mention, visitors can also obtain their desired sport accessories including diving equipment and sport shoes here! 

P1010391 (1)
Billion Duty Free 

Opening Hours: Open Everyday from 1030am to 1030pm
location             : Kuah, Persiaran Putera, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Jetty Point Complex

Jetty Point Complex is a two-storey shopping mall which also represents the main ferry terminal in Langkawi. It offers daily departure between various ferry points such as Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, Penang Island as well as Satun of Thailand. As a consequence, it is frequently considered as a last-minute shopping stopover for visitors before they board the ferry back to other destinations.

Besides that, there are number of tour offices and information counters which allow the purchase of boat ticket and tour packages as well as vehicle rentals. There are also bakeries, and fast food outlets such as KFC, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Subway and Starbucks for visitors to rest and grab a quick bite before heading to their next destination.

For passionate bowlers out there, the largest bowling chain in Malaysia, Ampang Superbowl, now has an outlet located in Jetty Point which provide you the opportunity to indulge in the favourite activity of bowling!

WechatIMG47 (1)

Opening Hours: Open Everyday from 800am to 630pm
location             : Kompleks Jetty Point Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Saga Shopping Complex

Langkawi Saga Shopping Complex is one of the leading duty-free operator in Langkawi, which is specializing in trading of liquors and alcoholic beverages. It carries a wide assortment of products with the belief to provide one-stop shopping for their customer. More personal services and friendly advices will be provided as Langkawi Saga is a family run business.


Photo Credit to Jarimanistravel

Opening Hours: Open everyday from 10am to 10pm
location             : Jalan Pandak Mayah, Pusat Bandar Kuah, 07000


Langkawi International Airport

Langkawi International Airport(LIA) is the only airport of the island, which is located at the Padang Matsirat and take 25 minutes drives from the capital town of Kuah. As a result of increasing demand and popularity in tourism, LIA has been renovated to handle a annual capacity of more than 1.5 million passengers.

Apart from the duty-free shopping, ATM machines, ample parking lots, eateries such as Marry Brown, Starbucks and other café, cosmetics stores as well as money changers are available in LIA. Not to mention, LIA has the most diversified skin care products and perfumery in Langkawi, such as Chanel, Mac, Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Christian Dior and many other brands. It also houses a few Tourist Information Centres that provides friendly advises, complimentary maps and brochures for first-time visitors.

With such range of services and facilities, LIA has become one of the great one-stop destination for visitors. However, it is important to notice that price range of duty-free goods in LIA are relatively higher compared to the ones in Kuah Town and Pantai Cenang.

With that being said, unless you have no time to stop while staying in Langkawi, it is preferrable for you to do tax-free shopping at other duty-free shops.

IMG_1542 (1)
Langkawi International Airport

IMG_1539 (1)
Duty Free Shop insides Langkawi International Airport

IMG_1535 (1)
Duty Free Shop insides Langkawi International Airport.

IMG_1526 (1)
Eateries inside Langkawi International Airport.

Opening Hours: Open everyday from 9am to 9pm
location             : Padang Mat Sirat Pulau Langkawi, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah

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