Travelling Tips With Baby

Travelling Tips With Baby
Jun 16, 2021

Good day, fellas. How have you been feeling lately? We hope everyone is in the pink of health. It is important to check on our mental health status from time to time. Find some fun activities to do in your free time. Fill it up with things that can help to cheer you up and boost your energy. If you ever feel down or are having a low moment, have someone to talk to. Let your feelings out once in a while instead of bottling them up. Trust us, it helps a lot in lessening the burden.

Friends, when you travel around and see a couple of young parents passing by with their baby, have you had any thoughts like “Is it easy to walk around with a baby?” or “What are they gonna do if the baby cries out loud?”. Or maybe you are just amazed at how they make their baby remains calm under certain conditions. Travelling with baby is undoubtedly needs many things to be cared about. From their own comfort to their surroundings, everything counts. Unlike toddlers, babies can’t speak their thoughts and can’t understand us either. There are times where it can be pretty challenging to hang around with them too. Therefore, in today’s post, we are happy to share some tips with parents on how to make a vacation trip with your dear pumpkin pie to be more efficient (and hopefully less cranky).

1. Baby Munch Munch

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Bring enough baby food or formula for your little poo bear. If your baby is not a picky eater, you’re lucky! But in most cases, babies tend to be picky. They push away the food that they don’t like and only let in their favorite. Can we blame them? Unfortunately, no. Thus, it is advisable that you pack enough baby food or formula for them. Because you never know if you later destination does not provide the brand that your baby loves. You don’t want to buy new expensive brands for the baby to try out just to end up being pushed away. So, bring more than you think you need.

2. Clothes Check

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Weather plays its own role in determining how our trip goes. You don’t want your baby to shiver in a thin cloth during cold rain. You also don’t want your baby to sweat and become uncomfortable in a thick cloth during hot day. So, think about what clothes you need to bring in certain weathers. While the season may seem hot and sunny all day long, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a downpour. Pack suitable clothes so that when there is a sudden weather change, you know how to keep the baby hush and comfortable.

3. Baby Stroller – To bring or Not To Bring?

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A trip to shopping mall may be made easy with a baby stroller. However, it is the other way round when you are on a vacation. Imagine walking through busy sidewalks where there are so many people. Or the moment where you need to cross the roads or going up and down the stairs. Add to the fact that some premises may not allow you to bring the stroller in. Won’t it cause problem later? Thus, it is best to babywearing. Not only it is flexible, your baby also will be close to you all the time. If you insist on bringing a stroller, we recommend you to bring a “pocket stroller” where you can fold it up.

4. Eyes Off

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Enjoy nap time. Not just the baby, but also for the parents. Stick to your baby’s nap routine is essential even on a vacation to avoid them being cranky and irritated. While letting your baby taking their nap, you can relax yourself for next activity. Sit down and enjoy some drink or eyes off just like the baby. Recharge your energy, parents.

5. Doctor, Where You At?

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Travelling often involves unpredictable occasions. Like, you never know when your baby is gonna catch cold or have strong fever out of the blue. When this happens, it is very likely for new parents to freak out and become panicked. To avoid such situation, you can search ahead of time about the nearest hospital or clinic around your staycation. Save their contact and details in case if there is an emergency occurs. You can also pack a mini aid kit that includes pain reliever, fever inducer, diarrhea medicine and other related stuffs for your baby, and put them in your carry-on bag wherever you go. Precautious at its best.

6. Extra, Extra, Extra

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Bring backup. Bring two or three of your baby’s favorite toys to let them entertain themselves. Avoid only bringing one toy. Babies tend to be picky, remember? They could change their mood and want other toy to play with. Next, pacifier and pacifier clip. You don’t know if the baby gonna lose it or you yourself gonna misplace it. Avoid frustrating situation by preparing extra backup. Thank your self later.

7. Take Things Easy

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Set proper expectations for the day. Travelling with a baby is not the same like you used to travel without one. Try not to squeeze your day with too many activities. Slow down your adrenaline and learn to embrace the new phase. When your baby doesn’t want to cooperate and things just don’t work out, call it off. Go back to your hotel and just chill in front of the TV. Don’t let any unnecessary stress get to you. Remember, a vacation is supposed to be pleasant.

Those are 7 useful tips that we hope can help you to plan a trip with your baby. While it may look troublesome on the outside, it actually can be a fun adventure to have with your young one. Craft an efficient plan that accommodates your baby and enjoy the family trip at a calm pace. Expect some inconveniences and solve them steadily. One day, you’re gonna look at those cute vacation pictures with your baby and be thankful for the memories. So, bring the baby bear out and go explore the world.

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