Savvy Travel Packing Tips

Savvy Travel Packing Tips
Jun 22, 2021

Going on a holiday always sparks joy and excitement. The thought of having a time away from home, work and school to relax and travel somewhere else makes us feel great and motivated in some way and we just can’t help it. We plan an itinerary, check for fun places to visit, local famous food to try and so on. So many checklists in hand. However, have you ever given any slight attention to your luggage or backpack that you’re gonna bring along with you later on? Do you know that being practical on your packing technique does little help on making things efficient and go smooth later? Today, we feel delightful to share some tips with our readers on how to pack and organize your stuffs in a smart way. It will be useful for those who go practical and want things to be well organized (eye-wink).

So ladies and gentlemen, here we go. We present you 7 savvy travel packing tips in a list. Check them out!

1. Start with a list.

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If there is a chance that there will be a big pile of stuffs waiting to get inside your luggage, you better prepare a checklist. Do know what things you will need during your vacation. List them all so that there won’t be anything left. Besides, it could avoid you from bringing unnecessary stuffs and keep away from clutter. Let’s be functional, guys.

2. Plan your outfits.

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Planning your outfits in advance is really helpful to avoid messes in your luggage. Decide which clothes you want to wear on each event. Other than making sure that you have all the clothes you need, it can avoid over-packing. Also, you don’t want to spend half your morning time later on thinking what outfit to wear that day and be late for your fun time.

3. Place the first outfit on top.

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After determining your OOTDs, it’s time to pack them! Place the first outfit that you want to wear on top, followed by the next ones. Organize and put them in order. This way, you don’t have to take out some of the clothes to reach the one at the bottom and then put them back inside. We’re talking about saving time and energy.

4. Organize your items.

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Use packing cubes or re-sealable bags to keep similar items together. For instance, place your skincare and makeup in their own case. For toiletries, put them inside a waterproof bag. If you were to bring accessories, keep them in a mini bag so that they don’t go missing everywhere. And don’t forget your chargers. If there are many wires and cords, put them inside a bag together to avoid them tangling with other items.

5. Bring your own laundry bag.

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While you’re on a vacation, it is important to have your own laundry bag. Don’t let your dirty clothes stranded on the floor or put them in your bag together with other clean clothes. Euw, we don’t want that! Keep them in the laundry bag until you go to the dobby later. Let’s be hygienic, shall we?

6. Place heavy items at the base.

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When you pack your items, place the heaviest one at the base of your bag. If you bring luggage, put the heavy items near the wheels. This helps to balance your bag and keep it from falling when it is in standing position.

7. Bring an extra bag for souvenirs.

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Last but not least, if you plan to buy many souvenirs on your holiday, care to bring an extra bag in case if you can’t fit them inside your luggage. Bring a foldable pack is enough. You can fold it in and take it out for later use. Other than providing extra space, it can protect your souvenirs from broken or damaged.

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