Beras Terbakar (Field of Burnt Rice)

Beras Terbakar (Field of Burnt Rice)
Aug 05, 2021

Beras Terbakar (Field of Burnt Rice) is one of historical sites in Langkawi. Despite the fact that there’s not much to see there now, the site is still historically significant. It uncovers the history of past incident that took place around 1821, roughly 200 years ago.

A map that shows the adjacent position of Kedah and Thailand (Photo source from

In 1821, there was a war broke out between Siam and Kedah where Langkawi Island was also under attack. Siamese invaded the island and made a strong move to take over Langkawi by launching a sea battle. Seeing that the situation was not in their favor, Dato’ Kerma Jaya, the then-chief of Langkawi’s Army knew that they would lose in the war. Thus, he gave an order to the villagers to collect and burn their paddy harvest (the main food supply) to prevent Siam from seizing the island and getting hold of it. The villagers gathered their harvest at a house compound in Kampung Raja (located at Padang Mat Sirat). The house belonged to Ku Halim Bin Ku Hassan who was the king at that time. They piled all the harvest in a hole and burnt it there.

Kedah Paddy Field (Photo source Flickr)

However, it was very unfortunate that the plan did not work out. Dato’ Kerma Jaya and his army lost in the battle, while Siam succeeded at seizing Langkawi. They even managed to establish a strong footing on the island despite the fact that the main food supply had been burnt to the ground. As time passed by, it was said that the traces of the burnt rice would emerge to the surface every time it rained heavily.

Today, that small area of the field of the burnt rice is preserved as one of Langkawi’s historic site and is named as Padang Beras Terbakar (Field of Burnt Rice). Visitors can come every day from 9AM to 6PM to see the traces of the burnt rice displayed in a glass container. The site is located at the late Ku Halim’s house compound at Padang Mat Sirat, which is at the same venue of weekly night market. You will have to walk in the alleys of the stalls around it. You will see many shops sell a collection of beautiful kain batik here and there at cheaper rates. So, happy exploring and happy shopping!

House compound of the Late Ku Halim Bin Ku Hassan (Photo source from Flickr)

Traces of the burnt rice (Photo source from

The preserved site of the burnt rice field (Photo source from


Opening hours: 9 AM - 6 PM (Daily)

Address: Kampung Raja, Langkawi 07000

Entrance Fee: Free

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