10 Coolest Things To Do On A Cruise

10 Coolest Things To Do On A Cruise
Jan 14, 2020

Luxe Island Escape
10 Coolest Things To Do On A Cruise
14 January 2020

As an archipelago of 99 islands in Andaman Sea, Langkawi Island is home to breath-taking landscapes of beaches, crystalline green water, and stunning coral gardens. Such incredible natural beauty lures in plenty of local and international visitors and It is therefore becoming one of the busiest and popular tourist islands in Southeast Asia.

If you wish to isolate from the crowd, relax in your own way and soak up the sun, a fun or dinner cruise around Langkawi is a wonderful way to explore this fascinating island from a different perspective! 

Such cruise ships or yachts always come with a wide variety of amenities which definitely please all of your vacation companion. Here are some of the engaging and intensive activities that are sure to make the top of your cruise ship bucket list while vacating in Langkawi!


1.Hop in the on-board salt-water Jacuzzi

Salt water Jacuzzi Net.

Salt water Jacuzzi Net.

Nothing is more relaxing than lying on the salt-water Jacuzzi net which have been lowered into the sea while the yacht is moving.

Throughout this so-called sea spa, you are able to capture the breath-taking sunset over the Andaman sea and feel the sea breezes touching your face and even have a drink in your hand!

2.Lay on the hammock suspended over the sea

Enjoy the sunset while laying on the hammock.

What’s not to love about a hammock in the middle of the ocean?

Most of the yacht hang a breezy hammock on the deck which oozes an ambience of pure relaxation. Imagine yourself lying on the ocean-hovering hammock, soaking up the sun and being in motion with waves.

Treat yourself with this exceptional experience!

3.Tantalise your taste buds with a freshly prepared BBQ Buffet dinner

What to eat on a cruise ship?

Freshly prepared BBQ Dinner on the cruise!


Enjoy grilled meat and seafood with stunning view.

Stuff yourself silly with unlimited grilled meat and seafood, including calamari, fish, chicken, beef and even lamb chop! All of them are freshly prepared by the amazing crew. Once you finished your meal, you can dig into the potato salad or fruit platter as an after-dinner snack.

4.Enjoy the sunset while sipping on house-special cocktails

House-special cocktails.

What better way to end the day than with a couple of alcoholic drinks to unwind? Enjoy the stunning sunset point with a house-special cocktails from yacht’s open bar on the sun deck.

Non-alcoholic drink such as fruit juice and soft drinks have also been provided to cater cruising’s youngest passenger!


5.On-board entertainment with DJ music or Live-Music

Acoustic live music on-board.

Rock the yacht with acoustic live music performance, DJ on-board and dance your shoe-off is a must while participating in a cruise trip! It is totally another world after the sunset. You are able to enjoy the wonderful feeling of dancing in the open air, in view of the sea.



6.Showering yourself on the deck plan with fresh-water

Fresh-water rain shower on-deck.

Turning the spigot and washing off the salt water from swimming things, on-deck shower can give you a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere after exiting the water. The convenience and accessibility of fresh water make outdoor shower a real value-add to the cruise trip which leave you invigorate.

7.Sunbathing or Reading on the foredeck

Sunbathing on the foredeck.

It is undeniable that the best feature of a yachting vacation is all about relaxing. And what an awesome feeling it is, reading your own book or sunbathing on the foredeck while listening to the wave lapping against the hull. You should experience a feeling of relaxation sweeping through your body.

8.Cozy rest-room attached with shower

21056289_1530080460387143_2766728007269778853_o (2)  
Rest-room insides the cruise ship.

21082882_1530080523720470_2558138813227532220_o (1)  
Amazing Bathroom insides cruise ship.

Wish to avoid the scotching sun’s ray before sunset?
Get inthe comfortable rest-room with incredible bathroom attached that give you an instant resort-like feeling! You can enjoy the air-conditioning here or get yourself clean and rinse after a relaxing swim.

9.Taking a leap of faith off the luxury yacht

Do you dare to jump?
Stretching your arm like wings and jumping off from the deck into the sea is definitely the experience you should not miss out if you are a thrill seeker! It is literally a leap of faith as you will need to conquer your fear to vault from a 3-metre-high platform! Don’t worry if you don't know how to swim! The professional deck crews will guide you throughout the entire experience!

10.Spend a perfect day on Paradise 101 with the cruise.

Kayaking on Paradise 101 Island.

Relaxing on the Paradise 101 Island.


Flying fox adventure on Paradise 101 Island.

Getting bored while staying on the cruise?

Have an excursion to the exclusive private island named Paradise 101 while cruising across the Andaman Sea! It is Langkawi’s first eco-friendly private day-resort which offer a wide array of exiting water sports. You can indulge yourself at water sports such as kayaking, banana boat, or jet-ski here with isolation of the crowd!

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