10 Best Adventurous Activities in Langkawi

10 Best Adventurous Activities in Langkawi
Jan 09, 2020

Guide for Adrenaline Junkies
10 Best Adventurous Activities in Langkawi
  9 Jan 2020

Well, Langkawi may be famous with its duty-free status, pristine white sand beaches, and relaxing life-style but if you want to try something special which can pump your adrenaline, why not take some time to browse through our daredevil collection of extreme and intense activities?

There are plenty of extreme activities, range from zig zagging your way through a waterfall, to making a leap of faith from 14,000 feet, are available in this island!

Here are the activities which can get your heart racing in Langkawi:

1.  Sky Dive    

Are you ready for the leap?

A bird's eye view of the Langkawi Island.

If you are ready to face your fear and brave the skies but not willing to fly halfway across the world to do so, Tandem Skydive Langkawi is definitely an alternative for you!

It is the only Tandem Skydive in South-East Asia that provide for beach-landing. Having said that, their parent company, Costal Skydive has run in South Australia for 20 years. No experience required as the class instructors will guide you through the experience of a lifetime. You are able to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the best of Langkawi with a freefall at 220kmph!

All you need is just a leap of faith!

Check this out : https://eticket.xqholidays.com.my/product/56/Langkawi-Tandem-Skydiving/

2.  Splash Out

Splash Out Langkawi

Shipwreck falls

Splash out Langkawi.

Amusement park is not just for kids, especially this first and only water-theme park in Langkawi, Splash Out.

This water park was well-designed with a classic costal architecture and, houses 12 distinct and incredible rides at a sprawling area of 12-arce.

Featuring a 40-degree parabolic bowl-shaped and kaleidoscope twisting effect, “PERFECT STORM” is undoubtedly the most famous and thrilling ride you can found in Splash Out Langkawi. The excitement as well as the turbulence impact of PERFECT STORM will send hearts pounding even if you’re a thrill-seeker!

Apart from that, Splash Out is also a perfect interlude on a family vacation as it was facilitated with an array of activities and facilities for kids, including River of Life, Rainbow Rider, Sprinkle Island and others. It is a must-go attraction no matter you are looking to challenge yourself, entertain family or simply unwind and relax.

Check this out: https://eticket.xqholidays.com.my/product/57/Langkawi-Splash-Out/

3.  ATV

ATV Adventure with the Hosts of taiwanese TV Travel Show ("I-Walker")

ATV Adventure in Langkawi

Experience the thrill and get out into nature with an off-road ATV ride in Langkawi!

Throughout the entire adventure, you will able to explore the hidden beauty of Langkawi island and see the breath-taking view of paddy field. (Langkawi is considered part of the Kedah which is formerly known as “Rice Bowl”, accounting for about half of Malaysia’s total production of rice).
Subsequently, you will ride across rubber plantations and buffalo park Langkawi, and finally find the stunning waterfall deep in the forest.

You can park your ATV here and watch the waterfall close enough to feel the mist. Enjoy the exhilaratingly cold waterfalls and reconnect yourself with the rhythm of nature!

Check this out: https://eticket.xqholidays.com.my/product/30/Langkawi-ATV-Adventure-Ride/

4.  Go-Kart

Go-Kart Langkawi

The race track

Rest Zone 

If you are a speed lover or a fans of "fast and furious", you should join a go-kart ride while vacating in Langkawi. It is an adrenaline-filled car-racing activities that enables you to feel like a rear racer or a “fast and furious” movie star!

With regard to the international standard, the go-kart track consists of 1.3km of pure adrenaline. All the lap times are recorded and sent straight to your smartphone apps and email, and hence you can check your rank against other driver. Not only that, their cars are built for flexibility comfort and performance, and safety guaranteed which allow you to gain an exhilarating experience.

It is undoubtedly a perfect choice for driver who want to feel the adrenaline rush and enjoy the true racing sensation!

Check this out: https://eticket.xqholidays.com.my/product/33/Langkawi-Go-Kart-Adventure-by-SWS/

5.  Sky Trex

Skytrex Langkawi. Photo credited to Langkawi Online.

One of the must-do activities for adventure-seekers who visits Langkawi!

Skytrex Langkawi is well-designed to cater all age such that it has separated into three categories, including beginner (Little Legend), intermediate (Eagle Thrill) and Advanced (Island Extreme).

Little Legend.

Beginner (Little Legend) – It contains 23 challenges in the height of 3-5 meters which are especially designed for the kids. Your kids are able to challenge themselves and conquer the fear given such unforgettable experience!

53548581_405344336708537_2381215411766034432_n (1)  
Eagle Thrill.

Intermediate (Eagle Thrill) – With 29 challenges in the height of 11 meters, this category is suitable for people who wish to enjoy the view of forest and meanwhile test their own courage. Although it may not be the hardest level, Eagle Thrill houses the most diversified challenges among others such as flying fox, horizontal challenges, climbing challenges as well as descending challenges.

Island Extreme

Last but not least, the Advanced level (Island Extreme) is said to be the hardest and most thrilling level provided by Skytrex Langkawi! With a total of 33 challenges in a height up to 15 meters, it will definitely satisfy your appetite for excitement!

Let's join this challenge and override your fear of height!

The price range of skytrex adventure. (Updated on 9 Jan 2020).

6.  Parasailing

Parasailing with your loved one.

If you are about to make a list of the most exciting sports in Langkawi, Parasailing is sure to be on it.

Imagine yourself 500 feet above the sea, immerse in the amazing seascape of Andaman Sea beneath you with a unique rush of adrenaline.

Whether you go parasailing with your partner or alone, the speedboat is strong enough to lift three persons simultaneously in the middle of the ocean. With that being said, you are able to share the exhilarating feeling of the wind in your hair with you loved one in the sky!.

Let’s prepare yourself for a unique lift-off experience in Langkawi!

33962693_1808071909254662_1256208235350720512_o 33902545_1808072185921301_1292135396263591936_o 
The instructor was making sure the participant was well-equipped.                    View from parasailing.

7.  Jet-Ski Adventure

Swaying over the ocean's surface

Discover the amazing limestone coast during the jet-ski tour

A Jet-Ski adventure for you to experience the thrill of speeding across the coast of Langkawi island and discover the stunning views of Andaman sea! It is a great ideal for those who are looking into a high-speed thrill and water adventure. Each Jet-ski can hold up to 2 persons and therefore you can choose to ride alone or with a partner.

You will feel your adrenaline pumping while breaking through the waves and swaying over the ocean’s surface!

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8.  Umgawa Adventure

Umgawa Langkawi.

Climb up the platform to start your flying fox adventure!

Fly over the Seven Well Waterfall

When it comes to accessible thrill-seeking, Umgawa is an unusual jungle canopy adventure which can get your adrenaline pumping! With its Trip Advisor 2019 travelers’ choice award, it has recommended as a once in a lifetime zipline experience!

You are able to fly on 12 ziplines of lengths up to 200 meters, venture 3 suspension bridge and attend 1 abseil down over the Seven Well waterwall. For your info, Seven Well waterfall is a geological marvel fall which formed by seven natural pools at different level of second highest mountain of Langkawi, Mount MatChinChang.

If you are looking for some adventurous activities to do in Langkawi, Umgawa is the one you should not miss out!
Let’s embrace the thrill and learn about the rainforest in Langkawi!

Check this out: https://eticket.xqholidays.com.my/product/32/Langkawi-Zipline-Jungle-Adventure/ 

9.  Helicopter Tour

Enjoy the stunning view of Langkawi archipelago with a helicopter flight.

The little thrill-seeker

Fly with professional pilot.

Soar up to the sky for a scenic flight with a gorgeous spectacular view to an exhilaration experience!

This heart-racing helicopter flight will allow you to explore the majestic landscape, mythical fragmented islands of Langkawi archipelago, sparkling river, lakes, sea, and evergreen village from the jaw-dropping height!

It is organized by Heli Outpost Malaysia, which is one of the well-established and premier helicopter tourism company in Malaysia. They used mostly light to medium helicopters such as Robinson R44 with a team of experienced pilots and maintenance crew who provide the best aircraft technical support.

Paired with many years of experience in aviation industry, they will definitely make your dreams of the ultimate thrill experience come true! Don't miss out!

Check this out: https://eticket.xqholidays.com.my/product/35/Langkawi-Helicopter-Private-Tour/

10.Paradise 101 Island 

Paradise 101 Island

Soar across the sea on a zipline. 

Paradise 101 is Langkawi’s number 1 eco-friendly private day-resort Island which provide you ton of water sports that can pump your adrenaline! Whether you want to whisk along by a jet-ski ride, soar across the sea on a zipline, hop on a jet-pilot, or speed around with a banana boat, paradise 101 can cater to all sensibilities! You can even spend your day here with a relaxing-sunbake, nap in a hammock, and sip on a cocktail at the OMG Bar which can be found on the island.

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